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  • 8 May 2024

    Rising to the challenge

    This is a 6 week programme for parents and carers of autistic children which will be led by Autism West Midlands.

  • 22 Feb 2024

    Drug Alert: Vapes & Spice

    Vapes containing synthetic cannabinoids (SCRA- Spice)

  • 5 Jan 2024

    Support through Donations

    We messaged out to our patients asking if they would like to send in donations to help support members of the community who may not be able to put food on their table this Christmas. The response was phenomenal – we were all overwhelmed at the generosity and the food bank incredibly grateful.

  • 4 Jan 2024

    Holly Health

    We're live with Holly Health - the mobile app for personalised healthy habit coaching.

  • 25 Jul 2023

    My Smokefree Life App

    My SmokeFree Life app Walsall provides a 12 week programme of support with FREE stop smoking treatments delivered to your door*

  • 29 Jun 2023

    Changes to complaints

    How you make a complaint about primary care services is changing on 1 July 2023

  • 11 May 2023

    A heartfelt message

    Unfortunately, we are seeing an increase in unacceptable behaviour from our patients, which will ultimately result in driving staff away from the practice and will only make the services we provide harder to deliver.

  • 9 Jul 2021

    Dementia Cafe

    A safe, relaxed and supportive place for you to discuss your own dementia diagnosis, or someone else’s, get advice and meet other people in a similar situation.

  • 8 Jul 2020

    Social Prescribing

    A service to help improve your health and wellbeing!

  • 29 Oct 2018

    Doctors Running Late

    We sometimes receive complaints about doctors running late and patients having to wait for their appointments. We appreciate that this is frustrating for everyone involved so please allow us to inform you what you can do to help us, yourselves and other patients.

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